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I’m upset about Ossoff but this is grea

I’m upset about Ossoff but this is great overall. While trump only won this district by 1, Price and Gingrich won it by over 20 points. In the last 40 In the last 40 years, only Dems have achieved a supermajority in the Senate. People don’t want to discuss that. Statehood won’ Statehood won’t be happening anytime soon meaning the Oscar Lopez Rivera dream for independence remains alive. One can be conv One can be convicted of obstruction of justice by hindering a pending proceeding before Congress or a federal agency In both the cas In both the cases of Killer Mike and Jason Whitlock, black-bashing pays the bills. In both the cas In both the cases of @KillerMike and @WhitlockJason , black-bashing pays the bills. When it was fir When it was first reported that Tiger was arrested for a DUI, we all thought he was hammered. I was told that I was told that Milo Yiannopoulis, Ann Coulter, Gavin McInness, and Richard Spencer had a right to be heard. The White House The White House budget appears to have double-counted more than two trillion dollars in estimated tax revenue. “Southern Pride “Southern Pride”, “states rights”, and “northern aggression” are “alternate facts” spread by white southerners.