I think the Cavs just won the chip.

I think the Cavs just won the chip.

http://ht.ly/Kh5Fe @TylerPRose on #algae

http://ht.ly/Kh5Fe @TylerPRose on #algae and its capability to be a leading energy supplier with more research and development.

http://ht.ly/KgPV6 @itsraayy on the @Mas

http://ht.ly/KgPV6 @itsraayy on the @MaskYouLiveIn movie and how it brings to light important issues on what masculinity is in society.


@AdrianSqrGarden on innovation from @VCUMedical may stem football fears of parents like @barackobama and @KingJames http://ht.ly/KgMmU

Our apologies for repeated tweets and me

Our apologies for repeated tweets and messages. The problem should be resolved now.



http://ht.ly/KgDz3 @mariamichalos on how

http://ht.ly/KgDz3 @mariamichalos on how the future is bright as shown by @TheVoiceOfGenY, @MillennialMagz, @abbymartin and @alexdakid

http://ht.ly/Kgexl @AdrianSqrGarden on @

http://ht.ly/Kgexl @AdrianSqrGarden on @nickswagypyoung running to the rescue of his girlfriend @iggyazalea from the evil @RoFloESPN

http://ht.ly/KfKaa @mariamichalos on int

http://ht.ly/KfKaa @mariamichalos on interconnectivity via communication technology rendering relationships artificial yet inseparable.

http://ht.ly/Ke7FF @itsraayy with some t

http://ht.ly/Ke7FF @itsraayy with some tips to maintain your healthy, balanced diet while you’re traveling or in an unfamiliar place.