@bmoreinbklyn on @ran @bmoreinbklyn on @randpaul and how hs candidacy for President will be different from almost everyone in the race. Advertisements @bmoreinbklyn on @marcorubio running for the @GOP nomination for #potus, and the problems that he will run into. @bmoreinbklyn on @Hil @bmoreinbklyn on @HillaryClinton announcing her run for POTUS, how she enters the race ahead, and how she can win. @AdrianSqrGarden on t @AdrianSqrGarden on the return of @Yg_Trece to live @NBA action with the @Pacers, how he looked, and his future. @itsRaayy on the unhe @itsRaayy on the unhealthy focus on @giulianarancic embodied by her appearance on @TODAYShow with @SavannahGuthrie. @mariamichalos on mak @mariamichalos on making drinking responsibly a priority with youth amongst the binge culture that currently exists. @itsRaayy with what t @itsRaayy with what they didn’t tell you about attacking the outer aisles and not shopping when you’re hungry. @mariamichalos on tha @mariamichalos on that basic #easter differences between the @goarch and the #protestant and #catholicchurch @mariamichalos on the @mariamichalos on the destruction of language in the digital age referencing an @TheAtlantic article by @roughtype. @itsRaayy with some o @itsRaayy with some of the things that influence the number on the scale and why a high weight may not mean unhealthy