@TylerPRose with the @TylerPRose with the explanation of the patriarchy behind the devaluation of women’s relationships with other women. @itsRaayy on her rewa @itsRaayy on her rewarding, fulfilling participation in @savagerace with some of her classmates from @USFexSciCub. @bmoreinbklyn on @RFR @bmoreinbklyn on @RFRAPerils enacted by @GovPenceIn and @In_Gov passing through passing overly broad RFRA laws. @TylerPRose on @Costa @TylerPRose on @CostaRica deciding in 1948 to disband its military and focus on education and the environment. @AdrianSqrGarden on t @AdrianSqrGarden on the astronomical amount of money set to be made by @FloydMayweather and @MannyPacquiao May 2nd. @TheParlorBoy on @Loo @TheParlorBoy on @LookingHBO including its superior character development and whether it was ahead of its time. @bmoreinbklyn on why @bmoreinbklyn on why @obamacare ended up being the best choice for @tedcruz, his family, and many other Americans. @bmoreinbklyn on why @bmoreinbklyn on why @GOP and even conservative stalwarts @tedcruz @scottwalker caved on “no amnesty ever” stands. @itsraayy sits with @ @itsraayy sits with @USFSACD student Jose Gonzalez to talk about the intersection of architecture and photography. @AdrianSqrGarden eval @AdrianSqrGarden evaluating the performance of @22wiggins and @kevinlove with the @cavs and @MNTimberwolves.