@mariamichalos on the @mariamichalos on the @StPatsParadeNYC, her visit to @StPatsNYC, and remembering what being Irish is about. Advertisements Part 2 of @itsRaayy a Part 2 of @itsRaayy and “Think Before You Drink” on the ingredients, nutritional value and health benefits of @beer. @AdrianSqrGarden on t @AdrianSqrGarden on the disparity between the conferences in the @nba and what commissioner @asilver has suggested. @TylerPRose on the @C @TylerPRose on the @CRPatUCLA report on @NYCSchools being the most segregated in the country and reasons why. @mariamichalos on the @mariamichalos on the @kindcampaign of @Laurencorinne8 @mollymaethomps and exhibiting our very best as human beings. @mariamichalos on @Wo @mariamichalos on @WorldAutismDay and on perception according to Susan K Langer’s “Signs and Symbols” @itsRaayy on #joggers @itsRaayy on #joggers and why comfortable sweats can be a threat to the utility and order of our casual wardrobe. @TylerPRose on @Occup @TylerPRose on @OccupyMadison99 and the @YourTinyHouse movement including its origins and viability in the future. @mariamichalos on the @mariamichalos on the talent, writing and significance of Joan Didion @itsRaayy on pointe s @itsRaayy on pointe shoes and the uproar in the dance community over their use by @ciara and @rihannable in videos.