Vote away and i Vote away and in one month you the voter will have determined who undermines the black community the most. I guess this wo I guess this would explain why this act of war killed only 6 people, but now what happens? #thiswasabadlookiftrue

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The BostonCeltics marcus smart had 7 asts, 6 stls, 5 3ptm and 2 blks. That’s never happened before in the history of the NBA. #amazing The BostonCelti The BostonCeltics will have a tough time winning anything if Isaiah Thomas remains the league’s worst defender. Including analy Including analysis on how single payer will hurt women’s health and reproduction from Queen Mab of The Oppo File Series. Many thanks to Many thanks to Shaun Woodland, AUTUMN WOODLAND, and the We Got the Jazz for the conversation. Make sure to tune in. The strategy fo The strategy for the Democratic Party is simple when it comes to Trump voters: F*ck em. Let’s turn out our people. It’s clear the It’s clear the Russians have run one of the most cost-effective and disruptive espionage operations in history.

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Senate Intelligence Committee has rejected Flynn’s request for immunity. Conducting American foreign policy as a foreign agent means jail. Planned Parenth Planned Parenthood is just a way for men to extend their sphere of influence over women. Nothing more.