Here’s a (by no Here’s a (by no means all-inclusive) KTB run down of 2016.

I guess that talk of Ronda Rousey beatin

I guess that talk of Ronda Rousey beating Floyd Mayweather can end now. Floyd would’ve ducked those and hit Nunes with straight rights.

Happy Holidays from Killing the Breeze !

Happy Holidays from Killing the Breeze ! Plenty of marke Plenty of market trends for the new year are much clearer. Here we’ll take Here we’ll take a look at a variety of rewarding careers that will require your RN to MSN online degree. Small businesse Small businesses interested in the $50,000 Small Business Grant Contest can submit their registration online. We should get o We should get out of our comfort zones by learning something new and unrelated to all that informs our world view. As Trump has sh As Trump has shown, the Golden Rule is most important – namely, he who has the gold rules. Time to spread it around. Batista suspend Batista suspended constitutional guarantees and increasingly relied on police tactics to frighten the population. Whether he choo Whether he chooses to scrap the entire plan, or just portions of it, it will require plenty of work and re-writing.