In both the cas In both the cases of Killer Mike and Jason Whitlock, black-bashing pays the bills. Advertisements In both the cas In both the cases of @KillerMike and @WhitlockJason , black-bashing pays the bills. When it was fir When it was first reported that Tiger was arrested for a DUI, we all thought he was hammered. I was told that I was told that Milo Yiannopoulis, Ann Coulter, Gavin McInness, and Richard Spencer had a right to be heard. The White House The White House budget appears to have double-counted more than two trillion dollars in estimated tax revenue. “Southern Pride “Southern Pride”, “states rights”, and “northern aggression” are “alternate facts” spread by white southerners. The Trump team, The Trump team, including Flynn himself, has been adamant that refusing to testify gives one an air of culpability. This was an opp This was an opportunity to say NO to Pence, to those who think like him, and that not all Hoosiers approve of Pence. If you are real If you are really quiet and listen closely, you can hear the world’s tiniest violin playing the world’s saddest song Supreme Court J Supreme Court Justice Clarence “I never ever see race” Thomas aka Justice Sambo just threw us a 3-2 curveball.