Many thanks to Many thanks to Shaun Woodland, AUTUMN WOODLAND, and the We Got the Jazz for the conversation. Make sure to tune in. The strategy fo The strategy for the Democratic Party is simple when it comes to Trump voters: F*ck em. Let’s turn out our people. It’s clear the It’s clear the Russians have run one of the most cost-effective and disruptive espionage operations in history.

Senate Intelligence Committee has reject

Senate Intelligence Committee has rejected Flynn’s request for immunity. Conducting American foreign policy as a foreign agent means jail. Planned Parenth Planned Parenthood is just a way for men to extend their sphere of influence over women. Nothing more. County health r County health rankings 2017 says Bronx is the least healthy community in New York with the most child poverty. Before the mass Before the massage oil, you should familiarize yourself with the muscle structure of the neck and shoulders. If the buck sto If the buck stops with leadership, shouldn’t we be looking at white men as the source of our problems today? The feds can’t The feds can’t make states or localities enforce national laws. It can withhold funding, but not if it’s “coercive.” There are few t There are few truly single-payer systems in the developed world. Canada has one, as does Taiwan.