@mariamichalos on the @mariamichalos on the need to have a diet composed of @organicfoods and the need to fight against @MonsantoCo. @itsRaayy on the spec @itsRaayy on the specifics of #macronutrient counting, the latest alternative trending in flexibility dieting. @bunifah with the How @bunifah with the How To Be Perfect take on whether , as a lady, you should or should not dance like a stripper. @itsRaayy with tips f @itsRaayy with tips for festival goers to greater enjoy their favorite music and dance to their heart’s content. @bmoreinbklyn on emer @bmoreinbklyn on emerging voter patterns over the last decades, and the importance of voter registration in elections @AdrianSqrGarden on t @AdrianSqrGarden on the advice @TheRealJRSmith had for @OptimusCope, @ThaboSefolosha, @antic12pero and other clubbers @AdrianSqrGarden on t @AdrianSqrGarden on the separate incidents at @1OAKNYC involving @OptimusCope and @ThaboSefolosha with @antic12pero. @bunifah on @GwynethP @bunifah on @GwynethPaltrow and the snap challenge she issued including the broader lessons on poverty to be learned. @AdrianSqrGarden on t @AdrianSqrGarden on the #applewatch and how like most wearables, the technology may not yet be completely developed. @itsRaayy highlightin @itsRaayy highlighting how much of we learn, we control for it happens outside of the walls of a structured class.